Smiling Petz has recently expanded our business and services offered
to include short or long term House Sitting

Smiling Petz offers an extremely competitive alternative to this service:
Smiling Petz House Sitting   (321-956-6789)
Normally house sitting requires the home owner to allow a sitter to move
in full time in exchange for house sitting. Although this may seem like a
free exchange; it is not free. Smiling Petz House Sitting is different in that
we are a local and don't live at your home. This can save you, the home
owner, a significant amount of money.
Why Choose Smiling Petz?

  • The savings in electricity costs alone will more than cover the
    Smiling Petz house visit fees
  • You get to choose how many house visits you prefer, allowing you
    to customize your plan (multiple daily visits, daily, or weekly)
  • No Hidden Fees!
  • We don't charge extra for short tasks such as a/c filter change, smoke detector
    battery changes, collect mail and packages, starting your car, status updates
  • You don't have to own a pet to utilize our services, but if you do we
    can combine the house sitting and pet sitting services together
  • Smiling Petz does not add any wear and tear to your home's
    furnishings as a full time sitter would
  • Smiling Petz does not add any wear and tear to your home's air
    conditioning system as a full time sitter would
  • Smiling Petz provides all the normal benefits of a house sitter such
  • Added security via frequent visits
  • Checking for water leaks
  • Checking to ensure automated systems are working such as pool
  • Checking to ensure air conditioner is working as programmed
  • Running faucets and toilets to help eliminate water rings
  • Checks for mildew, mold, and leaks
  • Monitor lighting
  • Water Plants
  • Meet with existing maintenance personnel such as pest control,
    landscapers, pool servicers etc....